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The APCHQ – metropolitan Montreal region, who’s been a 100% QUEBEC association for more than 70 years, is the owner and producer of the District Habitat exbibitions. we care about the succes of our members as well as the succes of our future exhibitors. Being part of the District Habitat exhibitions means being part of the big APCHQ family wich offers you as much visibility as possible through all of its events. 

67 % of companies say that attending a home show improves brand image and company visibility and 63% say that those shows help them grow or maintain market share. 


When it comes to finding information related to construction and renovation work, 77% of people say they prefer to discuss face-to-face with an expert.

Why exhibit at the Bell Complex in Brossard?

  • Unexploited territory grouping 16 MRC’s
  • Target population of more than one million inhabitants 
  • 62% of residents of the south shore are quite of very interested in going to an exhibition if it’s located near the Dix30
  • Modern, new site, enjoying a good reputation
  • intersection of major highways 
  • Free and accessible parkigng for both visitors and exhibitors 
  • REM stops nearby

Why exhibit at the Expo Center in Terrebonne?

  • Region with the greatest economic development in terms of construction in the last 10 years 
  • Vast territory comprising 3 large, very populous and active administrative regions : Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentides
  • 47% of north shore residents are very or somewhat interested in going to a salon if it is located in Terrebonne
  • State-of-the-art multifonctional site with the necessary fonctionalities
  • Intersectionof major highways, near highway 640
  • Free and accessible parking
Booth space prices
Taxes in addition
Category standard priceprivileged price 
Price per exhibit20$ /p.c.18$ /p.c.
 COMBO price (2 exhibits)
and renewal
19$ /p.c.17$ /p.c.
Listing in the exhibitors directory (web and  exhibition guide)595$495$
Turnkey package*5,25$ /p.c.5.25$ /p.c.

* includes three 8ft high rigid walls, carpet, furniture, trash can, identification, lighting track

Each space location includes: 

  • An exhibitor sheet in the exhibitor directory on the website 
  • Your company name in the visitor’s guide 
  • Free parking with shuttle service 
  • 3 accreditations for your staff

payment terms

District Habitat Brossard

  • 20% on reservation (non-refundable)
  • 40% as of April 15, 2022
  • 40% as of July 15, 2022

District Habitat Terrebonne

  • 20% on reservation (non-refundable)
  • 40% as of July 15, 2022
  • 40% as of february 15, 2022

To acces the exhibitions, the exhibitor must have fully paid the sums due

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By participating in one or other of our shows, you will benefit from the spinoffs of a major multi-channel promotional campaign and extended visibility thanks to your presence on the web.

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Our team

Sylvie Pellerin

Sales and partnerships
[email protected]
Because of my 32 years of expertise in the field of residential events, I am recognized in the industry as being the reference and expert in business development and marketing. My experience and support make it easy for a company to participate in our events. From its creation to its realization, the organization of events has no secrets for me.

Michel Raymond

Director of business development and marketing
[email protected]
Director of business development and marketing

Lisabelle Guertin

Sales and partnerships
[email protected]
Working in the field of events and business development for more than 20 years, I have developed my ability to listen and my ability to communicate the needs and expectations of my clients. Hard worker, I am recognized as an understanding and available woman, no challenge is too big for me.

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