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A new start to rebuild the future together!

District Habitat Shows are delighted to count on the Fondation Véro & Louis as a partner and official beneficiary foundation of District Habitat events.

Fondation Véro & Louis is committed to creating living environments adapted to the needs of adults 21 years of age and older living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to help them thrive throughout their lives.

For District Habitat, our association with the Foundation not only aims to support autism, but also to take part in building a future-oriented life project. District Habitat shows therefore work in the same direction as the Foundation. They are intended to bring together industry linchpins and leaders in order to offer a tailored, accessible and quality space to exhibitors and visitors alike.

Because autism is for life

Autism is not a disease. There is no healing. Autism is for life. Like all young adults, autistic adults aspire to be more independent. After 21 years, the services offered to autistic people are almost non-existent. The thousands of families with a child with autism therefore often find themselves without means, without resources and at the end of their rope. This lack of service has a huge impact on these families who have to make great compromises.

Building a house for life
The Véro & Louis Foundation builds houses specially designed to meet the different needs of autistic adults aged 21 and over who need daily support. The Véro & Louis Foundation offers families what is most precious: the confidence that their autistic child is in a caring and safe home, in addition to being stimulating.



Come and meet Véro & Louis at the March and October 2021 shows!!

The Foundation will be present at the first physical fairs to be held in March and October 2021.
As a bonus, you will have the incredible opportunity to meet the founders, Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette, who will be there not only to support the Foundation and discuss autism-related issues, but also to meet with you.

More details to come…

It is a privilege for the Véro & Louis Foundation to have been chosen by District Habitat to be the beneficiary cause of their events. In addition to being a golden opportunity to promote our mission, it is also an opportunity for us to meet future partners who would like to unite with us in our projects, namely to build suitable living environments for them. adults 21 years of age and older living with autistic spectrum disorder who need lifelong support. Partnering with the Véro & Louis Foundation not only supports autism, but also takes part in a project geared towards the future and sustainability.
Katty Taillon
Directrice générale, Fondation Véro & Louis

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