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Big ideas for small spaces

When you live in a small apartment, rooms can quickly become crowded with things. There are several solutions to optimize storage without taking over your neighbour’s place!

Aim high

If you don’t have enough space on the floor, aim for the walls and ceiling. Wall shelves are a good alternative to standing furniture. Suspended shelves as well. If you hang them on the ceiling, they bring rhythm to your deco without making the atmosphere too heavy.

Make room under the bed

Some bed frames have handy storage drawers. If it isn’t the case in your bedroom, buy storage boxes. Some formats are flat enough to slide under the bed. Store kids toys, sheets, pillows and winter clothing. Use vacuum bags to compress items that take up too much space.

Store where you would least expect it

Install a few shelves on top of doors or even around them. It’s an excellent way to gain precious meter square of space. However, be mindful of how many and what type of objects you put on them. The idea is to create balance, not to transform your home into a bazaar.

Lots of storage in small jars

Install a shelve with magnetic tape. Its magnetic surface is strong enough to carry the weight of small pots with metal covers. You could store toys, spices, jewelry, makeup sponges, screws, nails, paperclips and other small objects.

Maximise your cabinets

A cabinet (or a closet) is much more than a rail and shelves. There is a plethora of storage systems that can go as high as the ceiling and allow you to store coats, shoes and suitcases. Use the top space to store bags, suitcases and seasonal clothing. You can even find shoe racks that hangs on the rod or on one of the many hooks you will have installed behind the cabinet door.

Reinvent your office

When working from home, it isn’t so much the office that counts but the way you use your space. Some tele-workers install dividers, while others create comfortable spaces on wall shelves. You can even convert a cabinet into a practical piece of furniture for a computer with pull-out or sliding shelves. You can even hide your computer and paperwork afterwards.

Think multifunctional

Maximize space by buying furniture with multifunctional features. For example, storage benches in the entrance, or storage footstools.

Never too much storage in the bathroom

Install shelves over the toilet, to put cute storage baskets. You can also place rolled towers on it. Don’t forget to install a shower shelve to store all hygiene products and sponges.

Use up all corners of your kitchen cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are often difficult to access and end up being a mess. Install a carousel to access EVERYTHING without having to take EVERYTHING out. Sliding baskets offer the same type of advantage. Also transfer dry goods to glass containers or stackable plastic containers. They are offered in different colours and will allow you to organize your storage by food type.

Create the illusion of size

Install a mirror on the wall to make your space seem bigger and add light to the room. By painting your walls and ceilings with the same colour, you’ll also have the impression that the room is larger. Technically, you won’t gain any space, but you’ll have the impression of breathing better and that is worth just as much, isn’t it?


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