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District 5: Sustainable development

  • Eco-contractors 
  • Novoclimat certified contractors
  • Urban gardens
  • Vegetable walls
  • Energy efficient program
  • LEED certified rea-estate projects
  • Eco-friendly, green products and services
  • Solar roofs
  • Other

Do you know that?

A buyer of a Novoclimat home will see their electricity bills reduced by about 20% compared to a traditional house built according to the Quebec Construction Code. In addition, building or renovating an ecological house increases its value (an increase of up to 8%), but also more quickly. Finally, ecological constructions and renovations can benefit from financial assistance programs (examples of subsidies: Renoclimat, Novoclimat, Chauffez vert, property tax credit, premium refund). In addition, some financial institutions offer repayments for green renovations in their mortgage offers.